A response to a specific email

If you have a Gmail account, maybe the solutions below will suit your nees. 1. Drag Drag helps turn your inbox into an organize to-do list – we can call it Trello for Gmail. In order not to get lost in the maze of these really important messages, starring them may not be enough. That’s why the creators of this application decide to allow users to easily move emails to task lists, which are locate in individual columns. You decide how many and what lists you nee to organize your work in the best possible way. 2. Sortd For comparison, also check out Sortd – it’s another plugin that allows you to turn your inbox into columns with task lists. Importantly, this plugin like Drag.

Appear in your inbox again

Puts an additional layer on Gmail that can be displaye – without it, your inbox will look traditional. Below is a video that explains exactly how Latest Mailing Database Sortd works. 3. Boomerang Boomerang allows you to set when your email should be sent so that it happens automatically at a future time of your choosing (e.g. you reply to an email on a Friday night but want it to reach the recipient early in the week). In addition, if you read a message, but you want to take action on it after some time.

Latest Mailing Database

The top of your inbox as a reminder

This extension allows you to mark when such an email is to as unread so that you don’t forget about it. Another interesting feature is that when you want BTC Email List within a certain time period – say a week – you can indicate this when sending the message. If you don’t get a response within this time, your email will appear at. 4. Handle Handle is a tool that allows you to have your emails, to-do list and calendar in one place. You can turn your messages into tasks and get reminders to complete them.

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