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Instagram YouTube, Facebook or the recently fashionable TikTok often violate the law. However, this is about to end soon the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has focus its activities on combating surreptitious advertising in social mia. Influencer and surreptitious advertising the problem with legible marking of posts The promotion of products or services in social mia is becoming more and more popular every month. Influencers advertise everything from cosmetics, mobile games and drinks to cryptocurrencies, luxury cars and exotic trips. Unfortunately, in many cases it is difficult to determine whether a given post is sponsor by a specific brand.

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Whether the blogger is only testing the purchas product on his own. Many paid promotions are generally unmark or mark very poorly, e.g. by including Honduras Business Email List the hashtag ad , cooperation , etc. in the description. This type of signal is unclear, especially for younger users of the network, who are a wide audience of modern influencers. It is worth noting that when someone on social mia promotes, for example, clothes receiv from a specific brand, such action is also usually consider a sponsor cooperation and should be properly communicat. UOKiK s reaction to surreptitious advertising in social mia UOKiK Office of Competition.

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Consumer Protection notic the describ phenomenon and in September initiat explanatory proceings regarding the method of marking content with product placement publish online. Not only the profiles of the most popular influencers , but also advertisers and agencies that deal with social mia stars have come under the scrutiny of officials. The activities of UOKiK include i.a. control of contracts conclud by agencies with influencers in and checking the method of marking paid publications. Sponsor collaborations should be clearly visible, not hidden under, for example. an incomprehensible shortcut or expanding section. It will also be BTC Email List thoroughly verifi whether crypto advertising in social mia results from the negligence of influencers.

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