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After that it sends a message through Active MQ to the receiving microservice waits for a response and returns it back. The second important function of the API Gateway is the creation and maintenance of a user session. When authenticating a client in the Internet Bank or the Mobile Bank application InterBank RS creates a special authorization token that is valid until the end of the user session. This authorization token must be passdin a request to the public microservices API. If when receiving the next request there is no user session on the API Gateway side then the API Gateway extracts this authorization token from the request and checks its validity by making a request to the InterBank RS authorization service.

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In response the InterBank RS API Gateway receives information about the account of the client to whom the token was issued. This information is stordin the creatduser session and for all requests relatdto this session The picture below shows the general scheme of the resulting solution. Microservice Rice. General scheme of Bulgaria Email List InterBank RS in microservice architecture Conclusion The world of microservices is multifacetdand as you know it is impossible to grasp the immensity. In this article we only slightly touchdupon the layer of topics that we had to get acquaintdwith when transferring InterBank RS to microservice rails.

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There are many interesting things left outside the scope which can be discussdin more than one publication: for example issues of scaling and automatically deploying a complex of microservices organizing the development process within programming teams comparing and choosing frameworks for building a microservice architecture and BTC Email List much much more. And what is interesting to you our dear readers? Do you think microservice architecture can become the development standard for ever-evolving systems? Leave your comments on this article I think we have a lot of things that we can discuss on the pages of our blog. ESIA was creatdand has been developing since. Today the global database of citizens of our country has more than million people it covers almost all areas of public services user registration in the application is very fast online.

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