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Over the years Google has provid us with many tools for measuring and reporting results. At the same time, recent years clearly show how complex positioning becomes. The list of signals proving the high quality of the website was join by the so call Core Web Vitals. Google s unifi standards are design to provide users with the best possible search results. For website owners, this means that they should consider excellent user experience in their activities, including relat to the comfort of using the website. Website optimization for Core Web Vitals In the first part of the article Core Web Vitals what is it and how to measure it we focus on the basic knowlge about.

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Core Web Vitals If you do not know how and what to measure the CWV indicator, what are , FID, we invite you to read the previous post. In this publication, we will focus on improving the , FID and coefficients and answer the question how to Azerbaijan Business Email List optimize the service for CWV. We will also find solutions to the most common problems, the elimination of which will bring us closer to beer visibility of the website. optimization Depending on whether the largest element on the page is a photo or text, optimization for can proce in different ways. optimization for photos image optimization for the format At this point, you should answer the question which of the available photo formats will be the most efficient.

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For the website So let s take a closer look at these formats. The PNG format is mainly us to present graphs, charts and icons. It also works well with graphics with transparency, e.g. in logos. The format commonly us to save photos is JPG, but unfortunately its disadvantage is the large losses after its compression, which means that the photos subject to this procure lose quality. The WebP format, on the other hand, is characteriz by the fact that when BTC Email List compressing photos, the loss in quality is much lower and almost imperceptible. Thus, the WebP format is more efficient than.

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