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Display places for a specific ad. It also adjusts the rates for it and adapts its size to the place of emission and the size of the device on which it appears. What does Google Discovery Ads contain Discovery Ads, as we have already mention, is a type of creation in which the system itself puts together an advertisement from the available elements. Therefore, before we launch this type of campaign, the appropriate resources must be provid to the system. These are headlines maximum titles, each no more than characters, descriptions a short presentation of the product or service and the benefits of their purchase.

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You can add descriptions, each with a maximum of characters, company name , company logo , images in horizontal rectangle format and in Palestine Business Email List square format. There can be up to of them, final URL the address of the subpage to which the user will be rirect after clicking on the ad, CTA – call to action. You should select them from the list offer by the system. It is not necessary to use all available images, headlines or ad text, but it is worth remembering that the more resources we share, the greater the chance that the system will find effective connections for the given audience. Images in these types of ads can be display in different ways.

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So it s best to avoid including logos or captions in them. These elements will be taken from other resources that we will upload to the campaign builder. It is also worth making sure that all headlines, descriptions and images match each other. We do not know in what configurations they will be display, so it is important to ensure that they form a coherent message in every possible way. Automatic Discovery campaigns what do they give and what do they take away Google Discovery Ads, as a campaign type optimiz almost exclusively by BTC Email List self learning algorithms, does not allow the use of some functions known from other Google Ads formats.

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