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All the above activities end with an effective migration, and the company did not record any losses neither a decrease in the position nor a decrease in organic traffic. On the contrary, the service is steadily increasing. Of course, the optimization solutions that we implement after the migration also contribut to this effect. A good migration plan sav the website from declines, and the current positioning is aim at increasing visibility. What did we focus on after the service Positioning focuses on phrases relat to the offer products, such as heating mats, heating foils, thermoregulators or heating panels.

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In addition we focus on extensive issues relat to electric heating and photovoltaics. Our current activities include i.a. website analysis using Google Search Console or Google Analytics, link profile research, link building and content marketing. Migration Finland Business Email List results, i.e. increases of up to What can be achiev within months of cooperation It turns out that really a lot. It is worth noting that the success of the migration is largely due to the Client, who was and still is involv in every joint action. What makes me very happy is the client s trust in our knowlge and experience. As the SEO specialist responsible for this project, I am especially pleas to present the following results.

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Google Search Console Below is a comparison of site data before and after migration. The measurements come from Google Search Console and present information on organic results between January , and May , and the same period in , i.e. January , May , in February had days. Clicks The comparison of clicks in organic search results is as follows Before the migration, the number of clicks was , , and after the migration, the number of clicks was ,. This is BTC Email List an increase of over. Impressions This is the comparison of website views in organic search results at the same time.

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