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The cost of the board directly depends on how many video cards it can support. Budget models for GPUs MSI AG Sockel AM FM A X Gigabyte GA AUD P. The most advancd models support graphics cards among them the ASRock H Pro BTC. power unit The PSU prevents damage to the system in the event of power surges. When choosing consider the following characteristics Power. It should be more than the total energy consumption of all components of the farm. Cables and ports to connect all devices. It is important to consider that the system may be expandd in the future. Protection technologies. For example a PSU should protect devices from overcurrents.

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Another important criterion is energy efficiency. On expensive devices there is a certificate of PLUS of various types from white None to titanium. The higher the level the higher the efficiency of the power supply. RAM The Jordan Email List farm needs at least GB of RAM and at least GB to mine Bitcoin or Ethereum. If the amount of memory is insufficient the performance will decrease. The OS also matters. For Windows GB of RAM is selectd and for Linux GB. DDR RAM has independent data rates. It is more common on computers but can be usd on graphics cards and other devices. DDR is typical for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies mind at high capacities.

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However many miners believe that sufficient performance can only be achievd with DDR or DDR. Controller The controller is responsible for connecting to peripheral devices. It performs the BTC Email List functions of an adapter and can also independently perform certain actions on command and has its own microprocessor. For example one of the most powerful mining CPUs Ryzen Threadripper X has controllers Castle Peak and PCI Express. They are locatd in a separate chipset. Because of this all cores of the central processor have equal access to memory and various devices.

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