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In this respect Google Discover can also be very helpful to us. Dependencies and power relations as well as its effect in terms of the direction and pace of the company’s development. Maps are also most often us when launching new products or services, as well as brands. They are a very good tool for conducting all sales and image projects in the company. Importantly, they will be useful in designing communication address not only to customers, but also to employees as an aid in employer branding. They will be extremely helpful in storytelling when you are wondering from whom to create a story, for example, on social mia.

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See What is a marketing plan and how to write one What elements should a stakeholder map contain As mention above, stakeholder maps will Job Function Email Database vary depending on the industry you work in, the structure of the company, but also the project or service you want to analyze. The list of stakeholders on which the map is bas will never be a complete list and will look different each time, because it is affect by social, political and strategic changes within the company, as well as micro and macroeconomic modifications. Stakeholder maps come in different variants, depending on the purposes of their creation. One of the most popular forms.

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However is the matrix, in which the vertical axis is commitment and the horizontal axis is interest. Stakeholders are plac in one of the four boxes on the matrix depending on the intensity of the key features. Then you will know which group you should work closely with high impact high interest , which group you should keep inform on an ongoing basis, e.g. which group should be constantly monitor low impact low involvement . Stakeholder BTC Email List map examples The appearance of the maps will vary depending on their purpose, but also depending on where the map is publish.

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