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Our RS-Bot will come to your aid for all requests falling within its easily expandable competencies. Easy to learn easy to configure and expand functionally get to know RS-Bot. How many times when preparing the next analytical report for the management. Whether it is an analysis of the structure of the bank’s assets / liabilities its liquidity. The profitability of the securities portfolio the profitability of operations or the analysis of the financial result. By points of sale did you catch yourself thinking How would Excel functions. Formulas graphs and spreadsheets are now useful to you! or I wish I could import this report into an Excel spreadsheet and expand it by adding additional fields!? Thanks to the RSDH Excel add-in all this has become a reality.

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With the skillful use of its functions you will get many options for analyzing and managing data. And of course we as developers of a data warehouse platform and business analytics applications thought about Australia Email List how to combine Excel tools in real time with the data management capabilities of an enterprise data warehouse. The result of these efforts was a new development of the company – an Excel add-in which we calld RSDH Excel. Check out the benefits The key goal of the new tool is to enable users to work with all available options for data table views reports and other RS-DataHouse objects directly in Excel.

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We are talking not only about importing these objects but also editing data adding new elements to database tables directly from Excel saving data in a corporate data warehouse online without accessing the storage interface. The easiest way to appreciate the benefits of the new RSDH Excel tool is to use specific examples. This is what we’ll do. First the user BTC Email List document can be accessd from any computer connectd to the data store.You create a working document template in Excel save it. After that it can be usd from any computer on the network – you just ned to activate the data storage Fig. Share: An integral working tool of any analyst is a program for working with spreadsheets.

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