Consumer PR Marketing in the Age of Digital Media

Valuing your work in terms of money is one of the most important freelance skills. Freelancers with too low rates have to take on a huge number of projects to stay afloat which eventually leads to burnout. In addition low rates can scare off solid clients who understand that you have to pay for quality work. Remember the client pays not just for the project; it pays for all the time you spend perfecting your craft. Conduct market research to understand the approximate price range for the services of specialists in your field and level. Avoid the freelance marketplace though: it’s full of unskilld workers who drastically lower their prices to stand out from the competition. Here are a few types of rates that freelancers typically set: Hourly payment. Suitable for small projects. Daily payment.

 The Transition From Traditional To Digital

Suitable for small and mdium projects especially if you ned to be in touch most of the day. Weekly and monthly payment. Usually usd for large projects that are ongoing for several months and require constant improvements. Fixd payment. A onetime payment that you receive at the end of the project. This form of payment is convenient for both parties the Andorra Email List client knows exactly the final cost of the work and it is beneficial for you to complete the work as quickly as possible. Register a business Every freelancer is an entrepreneur which means he must pay taxes and report to the appropriate authorities. Therefore when switching to freelancing you ned to register a business.

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The two most popular forms of business in Russia are IP Individual Entrepreneur and LLC Limitd Liability Company. For most freelancers IP is more suitable this form has less reporting and taxes and profits can be withdrawn at any time. An LLC is worth considering if you want to expand your business or introduce partners and investors into it. Read BTC Email List more about the differences between sole proprietorship and LLC in the manual.. Take charge of your own promotion The more people who know about you the more likely it is that one of them will want to use your services. Therefore the first thing to do is to optimize the SEO of the portfolio site in order to bring it to the top lines of search engines.

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