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What is a mail client An E-mail client is a specializd software that allows you to organize work with different services on one server. The functions of such funds include: sending and receiving electronic correspondence; editing letters; filtering and sorting information; organization of automatic sending of letters; sending and receiving letters from other clients. The mail client significantly saves time for the owner if there are more than two mailboxes. There is no longer a ned to manually receive correspondence, sort it. All operations will be performd by the client in a matter of minutes. Mail server features The main functions of this solution: receiving and transmitting electronic correspondence; storage of emails; notifying the owner of new correspondence.

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Providing protection against attacks and viruses when receiving mail from external sources. The mail server must also detect and block spam messages. In this way, efficient management of all incoming Latvia Email List correspondence is achievd without compromising the company’s internal network. An additional function is the organization of a communication channel for internal use between employees, corporate communication. Mail server tasks Specialists identify a range of tasks for this hardware and software shell. This includes: organization of permanent access to all mailboxes of the domain different domains.

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Management of the accumulatd information on the disk array; user access control – creating, modifying, deleting mailboxes on the internal network; sending mail to internal clients; providing backup copies of correspondence. One of the most important tasks is to find the best ways to send correspondence to the addressee. Routing is implementd BTC Email List by protocols and e-mail agents with transport MTA and delivery MDA functions. Enterprise mail server The choice depends on several factors: the number of clients within the servd network; load; the ned for long-term storage of information. Examples of mail host software are corporate version, Kerio Connect, Novell GroupWise. In choosing the best server for your needs, the opinion of specialists will not interfere.

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