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Of the most popular searches to always accurately describe the issues that are currently bothering customers. This is the only way to stay in the turbulent waters of business competition. SEO guide. lessons that will get you closer to the TOP page Through it, we provide a lot of substantive knowlge and current information on SEO. Therefore, we decid to collect the most important lessons in one place so that everyone can use the compendium of knowlge. Download them for free HERE. What will a resilient manager who intends to improve the statistics of his company s website find there Lessons are arrang in such a way as to move.

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From general knowlge to more and more specific topics. We devote a lot of space to explaining that website optimization is a multi stage Senegal Business Email List process, the success of which depends on at least several factors. The guide also includes practical tips on the recommend size of graphic files or the importance of page encryption. Even the appearance of a pageview with a error message can have an impact In order not to be overtaken by the competition, SEO issues should be known from the inside out. Record from the conference SEM campaigns of the future As experts in the field of contemporary marketing trends and solutions.

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We spend extra time not only on sharing knowlge through the written word. We are equally eager to attend industry conferences. This was also the case in September , when speakers from Verseo appear at the headquarters of Google Poland at the event SEM campaigns of the future. Krzysztof Masłowski talk in detail about machine learning in Google Ads campaigns. During a forty minute lecture, he present in detail all the most important aspects regarding planning, implementation and evaluation of activities. Paweł Dalecki, in turn, present specific BTC Email List strategies for optimizing Google Ads campaigns in the context of automation and machine learning.

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