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An algorithm update may modify the title so that the user knows what to expect when clicking on that particular search result. As a result, the above meta title in the new version may look like this Plush toys website name This change also prevents the keyword stuffing practice of keyword stuffing. Schematic titles Sometimes the same title appears on several subpages, in different places, but within one website. This action is call boilerplate boilerplate titles and is quite easily detect by the algorithm. Then updating the algorithm helps to remove the meta title duplication.

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A good example here are discussion forums, where many duplicate subpages are creat. Several threads can be creat on a show page about different Saint Lucia Business Email List seasons of the same show. Titles omit season numbers, so it s not entirely clear which season a page is about. This results in duplicate titles, such as Gossip Girl TV series Gossip Girl TV series Gossip Girl TV series The Google algorithm can detect the season number, e.g. from prominent text, and insert it into the title Season Gossip Girl TV series Season Gossip Girl TV series Season Gossip Girl TV series This makes the titles more helpful and better reflective of reality. New meta title and positioning.

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Recent modifications introduc by Google give us a clear message it is worth creating the best title tags that reflect the actual content of the page, take care of the hierarchy of headers and the search intention. Google ensures that changing the meta title does not affect the position of the page, and its only purpose is to improve the CTR click through rate. Page ranking still takes into account the original content of websites content saturation with keywords, length or linking. Many industry experts notic the opposite effect of the algorithm update, namely a BTC Email List decrease in CTR. Why Changing the title is not always correct. The information that the articles about President.

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