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That the client pays the agency only for achieving a specific goal, i.e. for placing the right number of phrases in the TOP of the search. However, this method of billing the service is irretrievably a thing of the past, and for good reason an approach assuming more work with the website works better than focusing on entering specific phrases. In SEO activities, we fight primarily for valuable traffic, i.e. traffic that brings measurable benefits for the brand. However, the mere appearance in TOP or even TOP of a phrase that no one is looking for does not bring any profit. In addition, even if it is a valuable phrase, its appearance does not guarantee that the user will.

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If the content of the headline and description does not meet his expectations, he can look for another site. Even if the recipient goes to the page, it will Western Sahara Business Email List not do anything if he does not find what he is looking for. Therefore, for positioning to be really effective, it must work comprehensively and lead the user through the entire shopping path. In the case of such an approach, phrase monitoring is only one way to measure SEO effectiveness. What parameters say “yes, SEO works” In order to properly measure the effects of positioning, we should first determine what goals we want to achieve with it. On their basis, the so call KPIs Key.

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Performance Indicators key

Performance indicators. It simply means verifiable premises that SEO activities should be consider a success these indicators should be agre with the positioning company at the outset and accompany us throughout the entire process of building website visibility. KPIs in the case of positioning may be different and should be determin each time for a given brand. However, the most commonly us are increase in valuable website traffic, increase in the number of conversions from the organic channel, i.e. from search results, decreasing bounce BTC Email List rate, i.e. situations in which the user leaves the website immiately after entering it.

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