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Let’s take a look at one of the EM windows Figure. The green area is the CPU the blue area is disk IO. Well when almost all the work is in these two types of downloads as in our case Rice. Reflection of different types of workload in Oracle Enterprise Manager One of the most powerful features of EM is SQL Monitoring Figure. With it we can monitor online requests that under default settings meet one of two criteria: either they last more than seconds or they are carridout in parallel. In the monitoring window you can see at what stage of execution the request is so you can predict when it will complete. The window is an active Flash Plugin and allows you to study almost all aspects of request processing – from the total number of bytes read written to the intricacies of parallel execution.

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If desirdthe SQL Monitoring query can be savdto a file for later studyRice. SQL Monitoring window example The relevant sections of the SQL Monitoring Dashboard display a Gantt chart IOs spent CPU time and wait time. And these parameters are shown for each operation from the query plan. After analyzing this information you will understand Bermuda Email List whether the query can be optimizdand how. Here is how an example of a bad query looks in SQL Monitoring for selecting data for work in an OLTP system which gradually began to work for more than seconds Fig. rice.jpg Rice. An example of a bad request After studying this query by means of a simple rewriting it was optimizdand began to run no more than second.

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Users were happy Sometimes there are quite unexpected results. So in one large industrial environment replacing the expression sUser:=user in a small function with select user into sUser from dual resultdin a reduction BTC Email List in overall load. True it was about the th version of Oracle. OLAP system optimization And again graphics Consider a typical type of load on an OLAP system Rice. Load in the OLAP system I’ll immediately note that everything said above about optimization in OLTP remains relevant for OLAP as well.

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