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The experts on their website. The last component of the EAT cribility relates to the legality as well as the accuracy of the material present. How content is display on Discover After installing the Google application and going to the Discover tab, we see the headline of the article and the photo. They are mainly design to attract the attention of users. The headline of the article should not be clickbait, suggest false information. When creating it, one should avoid manipulative practices that lead to unhealthy curiosity or indignation. Google uses artificial intelligence and uses AI ML technology. It is responsible for analyzing our behavior on.

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Internet collecting information on the user’s interests, and then bas on the knowlge gather in this way, personaliz content is select. The Google Topic Layer function makes it possible to prict the level of knowlge and the area of interest of Whatsapp Mobile Number List Internet users. It works on the basis of an automatic topic outline that dynamically changes depending on the search term. With the help of the Topic Layer, Google can tailor its intent specific results bas on a specific topic. Example After entering the phrase famous actors in the search results, we will see a list of the most famous.

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Through the Articles for You feature in Chrome, we can indicate your preferences and likes. By properly configuring the tab, we affect the content display in the Discover tab a given topic or publisher will no longer appear in the propos content. on social networks, as well as marking favorite or frequently visit places in Google Maps in this way we give a clear signal about the location of the device. Google Discover why it’s worth being many BTC Email List of us ask ourselves what are the benefits of appearing in the Discover card Well, there are many advantages.

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