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Base on the approaches and achievements of the convergd platform being its continuation the updatd IT system represents a higher level of integration of the necessary components under common program management. The salient features of hyperconvergd infrastructure are as follows is software defined; combines unifid hardware nodes into one system; manage through a common administration console; has the ability to scale by adding new blocks. This allows you to carry out infrastructure maintenance by one system administrator refusing the services of a team of specialists. Other benefits of a hyperconvergd platform are simple start and management; high performance when working with cloud services large databases testing; fault tolerance which is support by backup.

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In addition to readymade solutions companies can create their own hyperconvergd platforms. Tasks New opportunities in the IT sphere and the needs of business development socioeconomic processes allow creating a convergd infrastructure. Most often requests are in demand to process large amounts of information and do it as quickly and efficiently Denmark Email List as possible. The safety and reliability of the use of systems matter. Because of this the main tasks of CI models are Satisfy business needs in terms of speeding up information processes. Ensure continuity of customer service. Increase the reliability of services fault tolerance. Increase the volume of operations perform when working with large databases information flows.

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Simplify the maintenance of IT equipment and its components make them compact and easy to use. Reduce the cost of developing your own infrastructure models offer readymade solutions. Also important is the desire to make the system simple and easy to use to reduce the number of personnel involvd in its maintenance. The transition BTC Email List to virtual storage which is especially typical for HCI allows you to save on equipment physical space for its installation. Benefits of Converge Architecture The transition to a converge infrastructure means for the company a new level of production and management processes.

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