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SEO advertising starts with content When adapting your website to the requirements of the algorithm, it is worth starting with the content. It must be of course engaging the user and encouraging them to buy, but also search engine friendly. This means that the content should be Full of keywords enough so that it does not make it difficult to read and does not give an unnatural impression. A potential customer will bounce back from an inauthentic and simply strange sounding text. The same will be done by an algorithm that recognizes junk content better and better. Long enough to comprehensively describe a given.

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Topic thanks to this the user can learn more and your brand gains an expert image. This also allows you to insert more keywords seamlessly. Properly formatt divid into paragraphs no one likes a dense wall of text neither does the Google algorithm Hong Kong Business Email List embellish with graphics and written in a legible font. It is also a good practice to place the title and subheadings, possibly with keywords, in the form of H , H and H headings. If you don t have a place on your website where you could put more content, it might be a good idea to start a company blog. This gives you virtually unlimit possibilities you can strengthen the expert image.

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Of the brand boast of successes, present your know how and specialists, and at the same time, thanks to the publication of content, attract valuable search engine traffic to the website. On site SEO Content optimization is one of the elements that make up the so call on site SEO, i.e. activities that can be perform directly on the position website. In addition to refining the content, other important aspects on the website are also important for Google and it is worth keeping them in mind to make SEO advertising as effective as possible. Google BTC Email List also places great emphasis on technical issues such as Page loading spe.

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