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The position of the page in search results their refinement can bring amazing results when it comes to Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner, as well as various paid solutions Ahrefs, Semstorm or Senuto, among others. In the case of positioning, intuition must give way to the collect data if you think that a certain keyword will bring valuable i.e. converting traffic to the website, but the analysis suggests the opposite, probably in of situations the program will be right. It is worth remembering that from the business owner s point of view, only the user who converts is of value he buys a product or service or performs another action that we have plann.

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Watching a video on the website or downloading a PDF file. This means that keywords must be relat to image or sales goals. You can easily attract East Timor Business Email List many users to the website, but the wrong choice of keywords will bring people who are not interest in its subject to the website, without having a positive impact on important business indicators. Without a meaningful analysis of keywords, positioning is online wandering in complete darkness sometimes you will be able to attract a client, but you have no chance of real competition with someone equipp with night vision goggles. If you have not had anything to do with positioning before.

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Perhaps in your case you should consider commissioning an SEO audit to a professional positioner who will check the keywords with the greatest potential and suggest necessary changes on the website. There are many tools on the web that allow you to perform an independent SEO audit we at Verseo have creat such a free tool link can be found HERE. This is a good start to understanding what the page is missing and worth paying attention to. However, an automatic audit will not replace an analysis perform by a specialist, taking into account the specifics BTC Email List of the website, industry and other aspects that the machine is unable to properly develop.

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