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A decent monitoring strategy assumes collecting data from as many sources as possible, from social mia platforms not only Facebook, but also e.g. LinkIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Rdit… , through industry websites, to blogs and even discussion forums This, of course, means choosing the right software. The number of monitor sources is one thing data processing capabilities are another. Why do we ne access to tens of thousands of mentions if we have to analyze them all manually The software we choose must be able to process the found content us keywords, hashtags, sentiment positive negative et cetera. The automatic reporting feature is also welcome.

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It is a serious mistake to ignore the conclusions we can draw from monitoring. If, according to the data, consumers are talking about us on Twitter Cambodia Business Email List and we re not using that channel for marketing it s a miss opportunity to reach the customer If negative mentions about a competitor s product point to a missing feature we re offering why aren t we using that in an upcoming marketing campaign targeting competitor s dissatisfi customers Brand monitoring and skilful use of the data it provides opens up a wide range of possibilities for us. We can regularly review negative reviews about us to find out what our weaknesses are.

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We can follow trends in our industry or popular culture to create RTM campaigns. We can keep an eye on the competition so that it never takes us by surprise. Real time brand monitoring how to prevent a crisis Most importantly, we can also keep an eye on mentions of our own brand to detect and respond to potential image crises. There are many potential indicators of a growing image crisis. A sudden jump in the number of mentions about us is one BTC Email List of the most important, especially if it is not relat to the launch of a new campaign or the launch of a new product.

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