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Also by phone. This is one of the few cases where the client has contact not only with the supervisor, but also with the positioner, in this case with me. In addition to preparing guidelines, we also deal with link building, i.e. creating a valuable link profileexternal leading to the client s website. We perform all these activities as part of a package for PLN , per month. What did we start with When we start our cooperation, i.e. in June , the website was already listing a lot of phrases in top positions, but it had a lot of untapp potential. Her results from this period are phrases in TOP , phrases in TOP , phrases in TOP.

This is a good result which is a solid

Aoundation for further action. However, in order to increase visibility, a whole list of fixes had to be implement, which we detail to the client in an Nigeria Business Email List extensive audit. Our recommendations The guidelines contain instructions for introducing mechanisms to automate and improve the operation of the entire website, and thus minimize the introduction of manual changes. This was to eliminate errors in internal linking, ruce the wide scale of errors and improve poor indexation resulting from a large database of similar products. Changes in the construction of categories turn out to be necessary, introducing key phrases to headers.

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Category names and meta titles

Eliminating duplicates in search by filters by introducing canonical . We also commission a number of changes that could spe up the website and adapt it to the high standards of the Google algorithm. As for the content the existing texts requir optimization for SEO, including saturation with key phrases select by me. We also suggest introducing additional content to subpages with categories and organizing news and guide content. Since the client has enough resources to prepare the texts on his own and want to use them, writing the content is entirely on his BTC Email List side. However, we are preparing detail guidelines for all texts that are creat.

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