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Nevertheless using this option, we have no influence on the shape of the recipient group. These should be people similar to those who follow the profile, however, we have no guarantee that the group select in this way will be the right one. The second method of targeting ads on Instagram is to create your own audience. In this variant, the system enables manual selection of the target group. Then we decide for ourselves who our recipient should be, what his interests, age and gender should be. Taken into account, but also relationships with banks, mia, distributors and suppliers.

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After determining the target group you ne to set the appropriate budget and campaign dates. After passing all stages, the ads are ready to be publish, and we can observe their statistics directly on Instagram, in the section statistics. If you B2B Email List are unsure which targeting method to choose for your business, you can test both targeting methods. Create a campaign in Ads Manager The second way to create an Instagram campaign is to use the Facebook Ads Manager. The first step you ne to take is to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account. What else can we see there Photos, articles, news, videos, events, stock quotes potentially everything that can be classifi as a hobby.

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Once the accounts are set up and link we can move on to creating campaigns. The first step is to create a campaign by clicking the Create button in Ads Manager. The next step is to go to the Ad set in order to fully configure the campaign date, audience and budget, unless you decide to set the budget at the campaign level. When creating campaigns BTC Email List using Ads Manager, it’s a good idea to choose the right placement for your ads to show on Instagram. The advertising material can be a newly creat post visible only as an advertisement or previously publish material on the IG company profile.

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