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Local market strategists claim that they have used content marketing techniques, while some content Market strategists claim that they are not a content marketing technique. The form of local marketing. [Need to quote ] Sponsored content ( Content Marketing ) In the last few years of this century, the most famous form of native advertising was sponsored content.

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The production of sponsored content ( is sometimes  new database abbreviated as “sponcon” [11])involving third parties and management companies or brand companies’ personal relationships and promotional activities teams to reach the above social media. Popular third-party content producer. The media is usually independent and regarded as an influential person “ trying to promote products. Usually cited as the predecessor of traditional recognition and/or contract advertising; in recent years, sponsored content has

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Undoubtedly become more and more popular on social media platforms, which may be due to their cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, and availability of relevant products or products   BTC Email List  Marketable immediate feedback ability. service. [It is necessary to quote ] the technology often used in traditional sponsored advertisements is the direct and indirect product implantation ( embedded in marketing ).

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