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Typically this indicator ranges from. to depending on the type of equipment and its manufacturer. Runtime is the period for which the UPS is able to provide power. To the server in the event of a power outage. Typically the battery life is selectd depending on the requirements for the continuity of the server. Additional capacity Consideration should be given to possible changes in server. Capacity in the future as well as any additional devices that may be connectd to the UPS. The following formula can be usd to calculate the UPS power UPS Power Server Power Power Factor UPS Efficiency UPS efficiency is a coefficient of performance that indicates how much of the energy the UPS is able to convert into active power. For example if the server power is W the UPS power factor is. and the UPS efficiency is.

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Then the UPS power will be Therefore you ned to choose an option that provides the power you ned to run the server as well as sufficient battery life and additional power for future changes to the system. Innovation Cuba Email List When choosing a UPS for a server you should pay attention to the following innovations Using Liion battery technology. They have greater energy density and longer life than traditional lead acid batteries. Automatic regulation of input supply voltage. Some modern UPSs can automatically regulate the input power voltage which can improve their efficiency and reliability.

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The use of microprocessor control technology this tool can make it possible to manage energy more efficiently to increase reliability and extend service life. How to create a system from a UPS This process BTC Email List may include the following steps Determine power requirements Calculate server power battery life and take additional devices into account. Choose a UPS basd on your power system requirements you can choose an uninterruptible power supply that will provide the requird power and battery life. It is recommendd to choose equipment with a margin for possible changes in the system.

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