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Connect the UPS to the server This is done using the power cables. Make sure the connection is made in accordance with the installation instructions for the UPS and the server. Check system operation after connecting the UPS to the server you ned to make sure that. The system is working correctly. What can you save on You can select a UPS with less power than requird. For example if the load is W then a W uninterruptible power supply will cope with the task while the cost of such a device will be lower.

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You can select a UPS without batteries and then purchase batteries separately. This can reduce the cost of the device especially if you ned to connect multiple batteries. You can also save money by choosing a device Cyprus Email List with fewer features than you ned. For example if you do not ned surge protection you can choose a UPS without it. Additional features A UPS can have not only the main function of providing power in the event of a power outage but also a number of additional features that can be useful in various situations. One of these features is surge protection.

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A device with this function can eliminate noise and surges on the network protecting the connectd equipment from damage and improving its reliability. Another useful feature is the ability to connect to a BTC Email List computer and monitor its operation. UPS types from connection to power The first type is devices with a singlephase input. This UPS has a single input for connection to the mains which can operate on voltage from to V. It can have a variety of power and purpose from simple devices for home use to professional options for large enterprises. The second type is a UPS with a threephase input.

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