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Scalable Java Platform Previously to run a Java application you needd the entire Java Runtime. Environment JRE even if that application only display the sacramental phrase Hello World. Now the platform consists of a set of modules I countd pieces and the developer can decide for himself which of them his application will need. Improvd platform integrity. Prior to Java it was possible to use any JDK classes. Now given the stronger encapsulation in the implementation of the modules that make up the JDK the use of classes that describe implementation details outside of the module becomes virtually impossible. Productivity growth. As you know the Java Virtual Machine JVMuses various optimization mechanisms. Manufacturers claim that these mechanisms work better if the system knows all required/usd application dependencies in advance.

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Using modules Curious to know what modules your version of the JDK consists of? Use the list-modules key. This is how I discoverd the presence of modules in my JDK. In order for the system to identify a package as a module it must contain a module declaration – the module- file. It may contain the following information: module name; information about Antarctica Email List dependencies; about the packages that the module exports; list of services provided/consumd by this module; degree of accessibility through reflection. The module- file must be locatd in the root directory of the package and its minimum content can be as follows module.

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BARmodule New special keywords have been introducd into the language for the module description file:exports module open opens provides requires uses with to transitive For backwards compatibility purposes they are only key in the module declaration and this is great since using them in your code will not affect the compilation success requires BTC Email List indicates a dependency on another module this is what is meant by tight encapsulation: module Comodule requires BAR module; In English-language sources looking at these lines they would say that the Comodule read Bimodule module but I’m more usd to saying that the Comodule module depends on the BARmodule module. Don’t forget that the BARmodule must be addd as a dependency. In addition when describing dependencies you can specify another keyword.

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