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Tragy from millionaire to poor a story from the series what else could go wrong. Similar to Vonnegut’s From Rain to the Gutter. A man in a hole a description exactly as propos by the author of Cat’s Cradle. Icarus a story about the rise of the hero and his fall. We all know what happen to Icarus and why. Cinderella same as in the case of man in the pit. Oipus the story begins with a catastrophe, after which the hero rises. And then just when we think everything will be OK, the final blow comes. Chronology of events use the tools Emotions are key in storytelling.

Of The Target Group And Provide

Don’t be afraid to play with the chronology of events Thanks to this, you will introduce an element of mystery and interest readers. You can US Business Email List do this in three ways. Secret hide some facts and tell about them only later, at the right moment. This tool is often us in psychological thrillers. Flashback start the story much further than you should. Tell about the past in small parts. Anticipation introduce into the course of history an element foreshadowing events that are yet to take place. Only later, in a different light, this element will reveal its true meaning. Summary.

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About yourself tab on a website, or you want to create a sales advertisement or launch a new product on the market, the Vonnegut curve will definitely come in handy. It’s up to you which shape you want to tell your story to the world with. Be where your audience is. This phrase is known not only by marketers, but also by companies that want to increase the recognition of their own brand and reach potential customers with their offer. Social mia is currently BTC Email List one of the most common advertising channels, thanks to which it is possible to reach the right group of recipients and encourage.

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