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Such a tool is the logging subsystem hereinafter for brevity we will call it the system log. What to store in the system log? To begin with let’s determine what information is usually useful in the analysis of conflict situations which means that it is desirable to store it in the system log. Of course ideally one would like to store everything for example the settings of the InterBank RS system log allow recording information about more than different types of events occurring in the system but this requires significant investments in the data storage infrastructure. Basdon the experience of implementing InterBank RS in the top banks we can say that on average the data stordin the system log is about of all data stordin the RBS system.

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At the same time such volumes are often achievdalready when logging is enabldonly for basic events. This minimum requirdset of information to be loggdincludes: information about all interactions Canada Email List of the remote banking system with third-party systems ABS processing centers GIS GMP GIS housing and communal services payment systems such as Qiwi Contact etc. messages sent by the RBS system to clients via SMS e-mail instant messengers; facts of changes in the settings of user accounts of the RBS system for example changing the client’s mobile phone changing the password or login changing access rights; information about all user sessions start and end time.

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IP address access channel information about the device and software used. Information about the protection systems that have been triggerduser blocking unsuccessful authentication attempts; information about software errors that occur in the system for example in the form of a stacktrace. In addition the system. Log module should provide a number BTC Email List of functions for processing savddata: fast no more than – seconds full-text search of entries in the system log using combinations of various filters for example by event date event type specific system user; exporting selectdjournal entries to various formats for example to MS Excel spreadsheets; providing an API for obtaining statistics about the data stordin the system log; archiving and backup.

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