Strength & Productivity With Prayer

Often times we convince ourselves that change will only be meaningful if we can see big and clear results associated with it.

Whether it’s losing weight, building a business or any other goal, we often put pressure on ourselves to make some drastic improvement for everyone to see.

Conclusion: Start With Small Steps
Even a 1 percent improvement isn’t significant (and sometimes it’s not even felt).

But it can be something meaningful especially in the long run

Indeed, there is basically no difference between Phone Number List making a choice between 1 percent better or 1 percent worse.

(in Other Words. It Won’t Affect Us Today.)

But Over Time. These Small Improvements. Will Make a Huge Difference Between. People Who Make Better

decisions every day and those who don’t.

Waking up in the middle of the night to pray may be considered the opposite of productivity.

One might say, according to our limited logic, we will feel tired the next day and not be able to work properly.

This may be true, only if we understand the meaning of tahajud in a wrong way.

I hope this article will be able to better explain the relationship between tahajud and productivity.

First, let’s remember that Allah encourages believers through many verses in the Qur’an to leave their beds before dawn and wake up praying.

Allah instructed His Messenger at the beginning of his prophethood to spend at least

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God said:

O people covered in blankets!

Get up for the Tahajjud prayer at night, apart from BTC Email List a little time (which is inevitable to rest),

That is half of the night, or a little less than that half,

Or even more (a little) of it; and read the Quran with “Tartil”.

— Surah Al-Muzammil verses 1-4

His Word:

When the half-night prayer becomes difficult for Muslims, Allah makes the prayer time easier.


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