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What is it actually We answer in detail below. Affiliate marketing what is it Affiliate marketing is a business model bas on the fact that entities that are not relat to a given company in any way recommend its products or services in exchange for certain profit shares. It is an increasingly popular marketing technique that consists in creating a certain relationship between the advertiser, i.e. the seller, and publishers, i.e. partners. However, it is not only the advertiser and the publisher that are ne to implement the assumptions of affiliate marketing. Users and an affiliate network are also ne for this more on this later in the article.

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Affiliate marketing from different perspectives It is also worth mentioning that affiliate marketing can be understood completely differently depending Slovenia Business Email List on whose perspective you adopt advertiser, publisher or user. These prospects are describ below. publisher advertiser user Affiliate marketing from the advertiser s perspective The thinking pattern of an advertiser looking to take advantage of affiliate marketing solutions is as follows I offer a product or service I want to reach a larger number of recipients with my product or service I have funds to invest in outdoor advertising.

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I am looking for someone who will recommend my product or my service my profits will most likely increase when my profits increase, I will have to share them with the one who will increase them. Affiliate marketing from the publisher s perspective The thinking pattern of a publisher offering affiliate marketing solutions is as follows I have a channel through which I reach a specific group of recipients I want to earn additional profits from my ranges I am looking for someone who will pay me to advertise their products or services I am aware that the BTC Email List product or service that I will recommend should be of high quality, otherwise I may lose some of my audience loss of trust.

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