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However, to a large extent, motivation depends on the processes that take place in human consciousness. What are the material tools of motivation? The most popular and most frequently use is, of course, employee remuneration. However, not only the basic salary is at stake, but also all kinds of extras, including bonuses or cash prizes. All these elements make up the company’s remuneration system.Customer objections – how to deal with them? March 29, 2021 Customer acquisition Customer objections – how to deal with them.

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In the real world, a salesperson can easily learn about customer objections during a face-to-face conversation. It’s harder online, and you may not even know what’s stopping your customers from buying. From this post you will learn: What are the most common customer objections? How to respond to customer objections? How to overcome Latest Mailing Database customer objections? Tools to help identify customer objections What are the most common customer objections? Customer objections can seem like an unforeseen obstacle to success for novice sellers. In fact, they are natural! Experience salespeople know that virtually every customer has doubts at one point or another in the sales process.

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Therefore, they treat all such dilemmas as sales opportunities, not problems that must be avoide at all costs. At Istanbul University, 388 sellers from 9 B2B sales companies were followe from 1999 to 2003 . During the sales process, each of them BTC Email List had to deal with customer objections. They liste the following: I have no time, I nee to think about it, Please come back in a while Please send me information (I nee more information) I’ll call on the Lord I don’t know your company The competition has to make a living too We already have a supplier for these products (we are just resigning from suppliers.

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