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The file separately and combin into one offer using the same product group identifier. However, it happens that the item is made of several materials, a mixture of cotton and polyester. Then we add all materials within one version in the Material attribute, separating them with the sign without spaces, cotton polyester. mobile If we have different URLs for traffic from computers and mobile devices, we can also complete the Mobile attribute. Thanks to this, we will make sure that users using smartphones and tablets, after clicking on the ad, will go to subpages of our store optimiz for these devices.

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This in turn will provide them with a better shopping experience relat to our brand. If the URL of the page is the same for the desktop and Turkey Business Email List mobile versions, we do not ne to complete this attribute. What else can you do to optimize your product fe The high level of the product fe is also influenc by placing information about product types in it and completing the field with Google categories. Thanks to the proper classification of the product, the system is better at positioning the offer and adjusting it to the nes of recipients. It is also worth making sure that only current information.

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About our assortment appears in the product file. For this purpose, it is best to set automatic updates of the product fe in Google Merchant Center once a day. You can also set more frequent updates up to times a day , but such frequent refreshing of the product file is necessary only in individual cases. In addition, if we make changes to the website, add new products to the offer or introduce a promotion, we can also force the fe to be updat BTC Email List manually, without waiting for the data to be automatically download. When setting automatic updates, it s a good idea to choose night hours.

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