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Since the entire InterBank RS ecosystem is built on Java we primarily consider engines in this language. Thus the list narrowddown to products – Solr and Elasticsearch. Both are similar in performance and use. A Lucene high-performance full-text search library but Elasticsearch has a number of advantages. A Java library is providdto interact with the Elasticsearch API; there is a RESTful API with a wide range of services; built-in scaling tools are provided; automatic creation of backups; ease of installation and configuration; detailddocumentation of Elasticsearch and the presence of an extensive community on the Internet. Basdon the above criteria it was deciddto use Elasticsearch to build a new system log. The syslog architecture has undergone significant changes. Now this is not a relational database but a whole software suite consisting of Elasticsearch nodes microservice instances and Active MQ message brokers Fig.

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All components scale out and can be run in multiple instances for fault tolerance and increasdthroughput. Fig _Scheme of Rice. Schematic diagram of the interaction of the components of the system log Cayman Islands Email List During operation InterBank RS always maintains a connection with at least one instance of the message broker which is usdfor interaction between the components of the RBS system. Each event is timestampdby InterBank RS and placdon the JMS syslog queue.

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Several instances of the syslog microservice can be connect to this queue at the same time their number is not technically limited. When picking up a message the microservice stores it in memory until a certain BTC Email List number of events are accumulatdand then writes it to Elasticsearch. As practice has shown using the batch mode significantly increases the spedof recording events in Elasticsearch. When generating a page with search results InterBank RS makes a request to the syslog microservice which requests data from the Elasticsearch cluster. For optimal distribution of search requests the HAProxy balancer operates between microservice instances operating in the leastconn mode. Backing up and restoring data Access to syslog data is extremely uneven.

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