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Time in the report is hours this means that the average server load was %. It is convenient to use the DB Time indicator as a measure of the optimization performdof course taking into account load deviations because in an industrial environment there are rarely equal days in terms of load. But in general if today this time is two times less than yesterday the day was about the same and optimization updates were installdbefore today’s report then we can assume that these updates playda role. Looking for bottlenecks You ask how to find these very green squares? One method is to get information from those who directly work with the system. Using it every day ordinary users like no one else feel the system. Simply by interviewing several people you can find potential candidates especially since users are always ready to share their sore points.

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Another method is test bases. On weaker than industrial equipment individual routine operations suddenly begin to work slowly. In an industrial environment they are still tolerant for example seconds and in a test environment – or even seconds which is already becoming noticeable. And it turns out that some small inconspicuous function has been working with Benin Email List a bad query plan for a long time. A more instrumental approach is the AWR report. In a special section it shows top queries – which of the queries took the most DB Time as well as the number of executions. I can give an even more effective method – using Oracle Enterprise Manager EM.

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Attention To work with any serious systems the use of Enterprise Manager is not only desirable but strictly necessary! Resolving performance issues Examining performance problems in Oracle without this BTC Email List tool is akin to examining cells without a microscope. EM provides the ability to monitor the load in real time in the context of the heaviest requests and user sessions. In addition he knows how to allocate the top of non-optimal in his opinion requests. For them as well as for any arbitrary on-demand queries you can profile and get optimization tips – build a specific index change the query plan with the ability to fix it baseline and so on.

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