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The rest of the audience can watch the conversations. Comment on them, or join the conversation when space becomes available. Blab is available on iOS (soon also on Android) and as a desktop version. It is the moderator who decides who will take the additional 3 places – he can accept or reject any connection attempt. However, whoever wants to join the discussion in some. Way can use the chat to comment on the conversation or ask questions. Although Blab can be run alone, it is spontaneous. Conversation with newly met people that is the essence of this platform. Interlocutors can receive “thumbs up” from viewers as an expression of approval for what they say. in the place of a specific person, and they are counte in the lower right corner of the window.

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What are the companies for? Blab enables companies to communicate with their audiences face to face. The unique format of this platform allows fans of the brand, its ambassadors and representatives to meet for an in-depth discussion , despite the fact that whatsapp mobile number list they may be locate in several different parts of the world. This type of transparency and real-time interaction can increase brand loyalty, build trust and attract new customers. How to use Blab? a Twitter account. we can watch someone else’s conversations or create our own. It’s also very simple – after clicking the “Create your Blab” button, just describe what it will be about and mark it with thematic tags.

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You can also set whether the conversation BTC Email List should start immeiately or at a specific time in the future. Screenshot 2016-01-10 21.49.21 blab2 Before you create your first serious Blab, watch some other conversations so you can see what it looks like from a viewer’s perspective – you don’t nee to log in to do this.

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