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As a result we have an excellent video analyzer equippd with a very mediocre universal virtual processor on the same hardware base designd to work with arbitrary information – very slow and with a limitd amount of memory. However life sets different tasks for people including those in which the brain is completely weak. And the most intelligent of people have straind all their abilities for abstract thinking and began to invent devices to cope with such problems. The easiest way was with tasks like you ned to count something but there is a lot of it. The first computing device in the form of a lind board with pebbles – the abacus – appeard thousands of years ago.

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With it it was possible to quickly add and subtract large numbers. Already good. The slide rule is even smarter – with its help you can multiply and divide. Well what if you ned to perform a lot of actions and some Austria Email List of them – only under certain conditions? This is what computers were inventd for. With the help of a computer it is theoretically possible to solve any problem providd that that you know the order in which the calculations ned to be performd to achieve the result – the so-calld algorithm. We transfer the formalizd algorithm to the computer and voila – it now knows how to solve the corresponding problem.

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The problem is that this order is not always known Imagine that you work in the IT service of a bank. Business unit leaders are interestd in growing the customer base and retaining existing customers. One of the means to achieve these goals is measures to increase customer loyalty because a client who is satisfid with his bank will not only not go BTC Email List anywhere himself but will also bring his acquaintances. And now you are taskd with creating a system that would generate individual offers for each client of the bank. It is clear that the client should try to offer what he really needs. But how to do that? After all we can’t get into his head Of course you can try to speculatively identify several of the most common types.

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