Can Text Transcription Q&A transcribe English? English transcription is also available. It is also possible to translate the transcribed Japanese into English by proofreading the translation. Is there an audio length or character limit for English transcription? Transcripts are limited to minutes and hours per month for transcription. There is no character limit as long as it is within minutes.

What format is the transcribed recording data in? The format in which the recording data is saved and downloaded. It is characterized by good sound quality but heavy files. If you wish to convert to another format please use a third-party software application or browser tool. Related Articles Voice Input Features What is Dictation and Transcription Explained.

How to Use Voice Input Programs Detailed Diagrams Introduction Recommended Voice Input Systems Overview Transcribing interview recordings is more and more work these days. I would like to be able to work quickly if I can without troublesome work and preparation. In this case, you can efficiently transcribe by using the transcription function, etc. in the dictation function.

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