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It looks as if someone presse pause while watching a movie, when someone in the frame was about to drink water from a bottle, when he was taking a selfie, talking on the phone, giving a high five, etc. It was starte by students at eward H White High School in Jacksonville, Florida on October 26, but in recent weeks such videos have gone viral beyond classroom walls. The hashtag MannequinChallenge helpe with this , with which they are share. Unlike the Ice bucket challenge , which was designe to make people aware of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), the Mannequin Challenge was not create for any rational reasons. It’s just funny, sometimes even very funny. Do you nee examples? It’s not hard to do. The challenge has already been taken up by, among others.

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Athletes New York Giants CHALLENGE ACCEPTe! MannequinChallenge Coca-Cola You can also find many compilations of the top Mannequin Challenge videos online: 17 Best ‘Mannequin Challenge’ Videos Top 15 Best Mannequin Challenge database Compilation (MannequinChallenge) Top 10 BEST Mannequin Challenge Videos! (Best Mannequin Challenge Videos) And in Poland? With the help of social meia, we can follow how this trend develops abroad and observe what is happening with it in our backyard. Although the Mannequin Challenge is only just reaching us, you can already come across Polish videos in which people assume various poses resembling mannequins.


Challenge i mark For brands

Recently joine the action: Journalists Good BTC Email List morning TVN Chemik Police volleyball club Żory Library WSB students PlayStation Poland Mannequin, the Mannequin Challenge is not just fun – it is worth using the fuss around this challenge for marketing purposes. trend will help strengthen the brand’s presence in social meia. Such a film, done well, is a great way to introduce with the recipients, which will attract their attention and additionally engage them.

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