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Types of content you can add to topic clusters.
One of the most common mistakes marketers make. When building topic clusters is relying on a single content. Format, often blog posts. To create a successful topic cluster. You need to have a variety of content types. To match your audience’s preferences and needs. Here are some types of content you can add to your topic cluster.

Highly engaging and shareable. These videos give your topic clusters a more personal touch. Videos can demonstrate how-tos. Provide expert interviews or insights. Or show real-world examples related to a topic. Can be embedded in pillar pages and blog posts. Or shared on social media.

Analyze search intent for each keyword/phrase

Grouping keywords by stage of the customer journey helps telephone biz you create more effective topic clusters that address your prospects’ needs and interests at every stage of the buying process. This can increase engagement and conversion rates, ultimately leading to business growth.

Ebooks: Longer, more in-depth content can provide more value to your audience. It can be telephone biz used to provide a comprehensive guide to a specific topic or to dig deeper into a specific subtopic. Ebooks can also help you attract email subscribers and build your audience.

Conduct keyword research on your topic

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By integrating these different types of content into topic clusters, you can provide your audience with a variety of content formats for them to consume.

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