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You can listen to feedback and refine the logo or trust your intuition and leave it as it is. The main thing is that the final version should simultaneously meet both your vision and the expectations of the target audience.. Get your logo up and running Congratulations you manage to create a logo online. Now it’s time to put it to work. Download the logo in high resolution and in different formats. PNG and JPG files are intend for publication on the website and social networks. Vector files SVG and PDF are easier to scale so they are suitable for printing on products and merchandise. Add your logo to your website business cards packaging and any other place that you can brand.

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If your logo has a lot of detail consider a simplified version. This is especially important for situations where the logo is require at a very low resolution for example for a favicon. Many users think about what sites are and how to choose the right one. Most often it depends on the goals set for example to open an online store create an online portfolio or draw Country Email List public attention to an important issue. However the first step is the same for everyone: choose a website builder with user-friendly functionality and a large library of customizable templates. In the article we talk about the popular types of sites to make it easier for you to choose the most suitable one for your purposes.

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Popular types of websites Website for business Blog Internet shop Portfolio site Event website Online forum Website business card Website with a custom section Nonprofit organization website Information site. Website for business A business website is one of the most popular types of websites. A business site is any web resource whose ultimate BTC Email List goal is to make a profit. Typically such pages include a demonstration and description of goods or services and also have the necessary functionality for conducting transactions directly on the site. Another popular feature of business websites is the online booking feature which allows visitors to book products and services directly on the page.

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