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Seeing the question What is the d rate you have today? RS-Bot understands that the interlocutor is interestd in the USD exchange rate set in the bank for the current day. Therefore in response to the replica RS-Bot receivd from the interlocutor in the dialogue window displays. The exchange rate of the Central Bank the purchase / sale rates of US dollars set for the current. Day in the bank branch closest to the interlocutor and the rates of the requestd currency usd in Internet banking. But if the geolocation of the interlocutor is such that. The bank has no subdivisions within the radius set in the. RS-Bot settings then RS-Bot will only inform the user about the US dollar exchange rates set for remote service today.

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RS-Bot is ready to provide public information to absolutely everyone. But in order to make a payment or gain access to its products the client will ned to first pass additional authentication on the bank’s web page. After all before giving the user access to personal information or performing financial transactions RS-Bot must make sure that his interlocutor Armenia Email List is really who he claims to be and not an attacker who is trying to use the requestd services. The first part of authentication – entering the password for accessing the Internet client – is mandatory and is performd on a special bank web page available only when RS-Bot is working through instant messengers.

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An additional authentication step is to enter a one-time SMS code. But you see holding the phone in your hands it will not be difficult to indicate the SMS code sent to it. Therefore this authorization step can be BTC Email List disabld in the bot settings. If the interlocutor refuses to follow the link sent to him by the RS-Bot to pass the authentication or the identification data enterd by him is incorrect then the authentication is rejected and the requestd action is canceled. If the user has been authenticatd and the external system ABS of the bankhas confirmd the correctness of the password he entered RS-Bot continues the running process.

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