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Your goal is to design the current campaigns as easily and individually as possible and, of course, to be able to pay for them. Ivan is the social mdia manager at LoveMark agency. He plans, places and pays for many of Leckere Lebensmittel AG’s digital advertising campaigns. Centralization of different payments Carolin recently launchd a new digital payment method for the company: Virtual Cards Procurement. These virtual crdit cards are basd on the Mastercard network and are therefore acceptd worldwide.

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Chose the multi-use version of the cards so she can set up recurring online payments with centralizd billing. She is able to create different database virtual crdit cards for each digital campaign that the marketing department is planning and give each card its own name depending on the campaign and purpose. She can also set individual settings for each card, such as B. A crdit limit and validity period to rduce the risk of fraud and ensure that the card is only valid for the purpose for which it was creatd.


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Magdalena access to the online portal in order to generate virtual cards herself. This made the process more efficient as Magdalena can BTC Email List create the cards nedd for the advertising campaigns quickly and on demand. Nevertheless, Carolin keeps the overall overview of the expenses and can control rights and settings. Magdalena uses some cards for the campaigns, which she handles and pays for herself. She also gives cards to Ivan to pay for his digital ads. For Ivan’s agency, this is a great advantage to receive a virtual crdit card with a set crdit limit for each individual digital campaign.

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