Its purpose is to ensure balance and continuity of evolutionary and ecological processes without fundamental changes in their characteristics. Modified. What is a nature reserve? These areas are managed according to political instruments of maximum legal definition of conservation, regulating their activities within the regulatory framework of the General Law on Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection (LGEEPA) and subject to special regimes for protection, conservation, restoration and development, in accordance with the law prescribed categories.


The purpose of a nature


reserve is to ensure the sustainable use Chinese Overseas America Number of the area’s resources, protect the ecosystem’s specific flora and fauna, and allow and promote research and study of the ecosystem. This helps to generate knowledge and disseminate those practices or technologies that can be used sustainably, thereby protecting the environment of historical, archaeological and tourist areas of cultural and recreational value and importance.


The following types of nature

reserves stipulated by our country’s laws are Algeria Phone Number nature reserves: Biosphere reserves. National Park. Natural monuments. Natural resource reserves. Flora and Fauna Sanctuary. State parks and reserves, and other categories provided by local legislation. Municipal ecological reserves and other categories established by local legislation. Areas voluntarily designated as protected areas.


These areas are divided and subdivided to facilitate the identification and delineation of the parts that make up their territory. What is a nature reserve? Based on their biological, physical and socio-economic elements, management categories are divided into the following areas and their respective sub-areas: Core Area: To. Protection. b. Restricted use. Buffer: to. Conservative.


  1. Traditionally used. C. Sustainable use. d. Sustainable use of ecosystems. and. For special purposes. F. For public use. G. Belongs to human settlements. H.Recovery. How was the ANP established within federal jurisdiction? They will be established in accordance with a declaration issued by the President of the Republic. Before publication, SEMARNAT will be responsible for conducting rational research, making it available to the public, and soliciting opinions from local governments, public administration agencies, social organizations, indigenous peoples, universities, research centers and other institutions that must intervene.


Anyone interested. What is a nature reserve? Finally, it must be emphasized that the zone or sub-zone in which any property is located determines the restrictions on its use for activities or work carried out within those zones. However, taking these limitations into account, the Federation or the States may, within their respective powers, grant concessions, permits or licenses to owners, proprietors, associations, public or private organizations, indigenous peoples and other interested parties for work in nature reserves or Activity Authorization.


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