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Such a module requires an appropriate motherboard. Server Memory Types There are several different types of server RAM RDIMM; UDIMM; ECC Memory; nonECC. It is important to choose a more suitable option. Information relatd to ongoing business processes is extremely important. How to choose RAM for a server? There are several criteria that can be taken into account when choosing a suitable option generation; work frequency; timing; throughput; volume. Technical features also matter. There are certain types of sticks that can register and correct errors as well as increase system performance. Generation The letter index is often followd by a number.

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It determines the generation of the bar the higher the more reliable the memory and the greater the performance. However the new type of memory requires appropriate modules so the cost of server hardware Greece Email List increases significantly. Frequency The frequency of work determines how many operations per second take place when reading information. At the same time each generation has its own limitation which must be taken into account. When choosing the fact that motherboards have limitations on this indicator is also taken into account. If you set a higher sped bar you will not be able to realize the full potential of the equipment.

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Timings This metric determines how much time it takes to prepare for the next task. In this case the whole process is conditionally dividd into stages. The lower the timing the faster the RAM. But to achieve a better value you have to use more modern technologies so the price increases significantly. Bandwidth The parameter is considerd complex. It is calculatd BTC Email List as the product of the amount of data that can be transferrd in one clock cycle. As with other values the higher this value the faster the system. In this case the throughput is relatd to the frequency. An increase in one value causes an increase in another. Bandwidth is indicatd by manufacturers in the specification.

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