Because 2019 is a turning point for cinema

Take advantage of the most anticipated films of the year to show your business . Commercial to viewers in the theater. Your services are effective, your products of quality. In short, your company has all it takes to make its way onto the market. You are exploring some possibilities to give a boost to your business.  And present yourself to an increasingly wider audience . This year, an excellent alternative for you is advertising at the cinema . Had you thought about it? Maybe you’ve never stopped to think about how impactful a commercial can be on the big screen . Imagine the scene: the darkness in the room.  And the spectators comfortable in the seats , waiting to watch the show. Because 2019 is the best

Cinema programming in 2019

Your commercial that is projected in front of an easily impressionable audience . New Data  On which the vividness of the images and sounds have a notable impact. And what better year than 2019 to make this choice? Yes, because 2019 will be full of new things at the cinema . Cinema programming, with its many advantages.  Can become the right driving force to make your company.  Leap ahead of the competition. Download the calendar image image cinema programming in 2019 from tarantino ‘s return.  With the third volume of kill bill , to.  Tim burton ‘s revisiting of dumbo , up to the timeless saga dedicated to rambo .  Cinemas are ready to screen important productions .

The main films to be released in 2019

Animation, horror, comic films and much BTC Database US more to satisfy the most varied tastes of the public . Sector associations, such as anica , anec and anem .  Inaugurate the new year with positivity. Optimism already repaid in the first week of january, with a 12% increase.  In attendance in cinemas compared to the same period in 2018 – confirming that in italy cinema.  Is the first choice of socio-cultural entertainment . The exceptional revolution will be the more homogeneous distribution of films . Throughout the year, in fact, the main titles will arrive in theaters.  Without leaving certain periods untouched – as has always happened in the summer. 

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