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Ordinary RAM RAM is considerd an important module of any computer. It is usd to store data that is being processd. When loading any application a package of files is creatd that is loadd into RAM. The processor refers to it to perform the necessary calculations. The greater the load the more RAM is requird. Installd motherboards allow you to use up to several dozen brackets the volume of which varies over a wide range. When building a server several factors are taken into account. This allows you to reduce costs and ensure the requird performance. Server RAM The main difference between conventional RAM and server RAM is the Error Correction Code technology.

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She is responsible for correcting errors. Such a bar is able to independently detect problems in memory bits. ECC is requird for several reasons servers work for a long period without stopping; a large data stream Germany Email List passes through the RAM; loss of information can lead to serious problems. There are also memory sticks with or without buffering. A large selection becomes the reason why the user has difficulties. What common Both bars have similar indicators that should be taken into account Size In the manufacture of both options similar principles are usd. Therefore you can install a regular DDR plan into the server. Volume. All options are characterize by this indicator.

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Today the range is quite large. There are GB options as well as GB. Operating frequency. The newer the bar the higher the score. This allows you to increase the performance indicator. throughput. It is also BTC Email List usd to define the basic properties of both types of memory. If necessary you can install RAM server memory on a regular computer. However this is not done due to the higher cost of such slats. What is the difference between server and regular RAM As previously notd the main difference lies in the presence of the ECC block.

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