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Thus the situation when due to an error in choosing a balancing rule one microservice will be overloaddand the second one will be idle without action is simply impossible. In order to make it convenient for third-party systems to integrate with microservices each of them has an open RESTful API the description of which is presentdin the Swagger v. Open API Specification v. ² format. An attentive reader may ask a question: if Active MQ is usdto send messages between microservices and the microservices API involves processing HTTP requests then do the microservices communicate with each other in some format of their own but with the outside world in a different one Let’s figure it out.

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When sending a request the microservice packs the http request into a special envelope which is transmittdvia Active MQ. The microservice-receiver on its side unpacks this envelope and passes the Brunei Email List request for processing to the RESTful API services. The prepardhttp response in turn is also wrappdin an envelope and transmittdvia Active MQ to the microservice that made the request which unpacks the envelope and processes the receivdresponse. It turns out that in fact each microservice has a single API requests to which can come through two channels: either via JMS or directly via.

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The same attentive reader can guess one important characteristic of microservices that interact with each other through a message broker – they are all stateless that is they do not store state between requests. This stateless mode is encouragdby the fact that in general each request from the request queue can be selectdby an arbitrary microservice BTC Email List instance if it is free at the moment. API Gateways Another component of the developdsystem is the API Gateway which acts as a single point for receiving requests from external users of the open API of microservices. Such users can be for example a mobile banking application or a browser in which the Internet banking page is open. The API Gateway receives the request and basdon the URL determines which microservice should receive it.

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