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Have a clear goal basd on which it would be possible to distinguish between bad and good results. Have reliable sources of information for data collection. There are a huge number of KPIs but you don’t ned to implement them all. For a qualitative analysis of business performance it is enough to select five or six indicators. At the end of the article we will tell you how to do it. KPI examples with explanations For convenience we have dividd KPI into five sections sales finance marketing customer service and HR. Let’s take a closer look at each of them. Examples of KPIs in sales. Total sales. Measures the number of goods and services sold on a monthly basis.

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Length of the sales cycle. Measures the time that passes from the moment of the first contact with the client until the completion of the purchase. This KPI allows you to make sales forecasts and further develop an effective business strategy. Sales by a certain indicator. For example region age gender hobbies and so on. This helps to determine the target Afghanistan Email List audience and understand which categories of customers bring more and less profit.. The ratio of the cost of sales to their volume. The cost of sales is made up of employee salaries commissions marketing costs and so on. This KPI determines how effective the sales team is. To use this KPI create a monthly or quarterly goal for the sales team. Remember to take into account seasonal events that affect sales such as New Year’s or May holidays.

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KPI Examples Total Sales Financial KPI Examples. Revenue. Revenue by itself is not a KPI. However it can be usd to track the performance of the company. For example create an annual plan BTC Email List with the expectd amount of revenue and at the end of the year compare how the actual numbers matchd the expectations.. Free cash flow. The amount of money a company has left after spending on maintaining and growing the business. This KPI is often usd by investors to determine the financial health of a company.. Gross profit ratio. Gross profit is the difference between the cost of a product and the proceds from its sale.

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