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To use BPM the company has developda special modeling platform – a business process execution system. We tridto minimize overhead costs and free up maximum computing resources for directly executing. A business logic and achievdthis due to the fact that the visual representation of the diagram is translatddirectly. A executable code without unnecessary condition checks database calls and other time-consuming steps. The visibility of the process for a technologically inexperiencdemployee and at the same time. A wide choice of tools for implementing internal business logic usdby. IT specialists is ensurdby the simplicity of the BPM notation.

Do you build ‘search-engine-friendly’ Web sites

The main element of business logic in the solution is the action activity. Each action is associatdwith an application in Java Scala or JavaScript that implements its logic. A business process is built Cameroon Email List from a set of actions. Who is winning? I note that in any way the solution is implementd- by the bank itself or with the help of an IT company – the end beneficiary of course is the client who will be satisfidthat his loan request will not be lost and that he will spend less time getting it approval and the bank clearly controls the process and will always be able to give a meaningful answer about the stage of the application.

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Do you charge for minor revisions once the Web site goes live

When developing remote banking service systems it is worth remembering that they should be convenient not only for bank customers but also for employees of credit institutions. For example specia BTC Email List lists of maintenance and technical support services for remote banking systems who have to deal with the analysis of user requests on a daily basis. And in order to quickly understand how to help the client when the money was debitdfrom the card but it didn’t come to the account I go to the Internet bank but there is no deposit I didn’t press anything it’s on its own. they nedhave the right tool at hand to look at the full picture of what happened.

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