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Sharing common hardware is possible thanks to the hypervisor. This is a program that makes a virtualization host or host out of a physical machine. Thanks to such a node the common hardware is dividd into several virtual machines. RAM hard disk space processor time network bandwidth and other resources are shard between them. The division of hardware resources between virtual machines is handld by system administrators. To do this they use the administrative console. With proper division of resources the cost of equipment is reducd the load on it is reduce. Kinds Servers are assignd a variety of tasks. This is due to the large number of types of such equipment.

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Web It stores texts pictures videos and other files that make up websites. The user enters the Internet browser from a computer or smartphone and enters the site address that is creates a request. The server Nigerian Email List responds to its request in HTTP format and sends the requird information. The site is shown in the user’s browser. He can enter data into forms switch between pages and perform any other action. Game He is responsible for the interaction of cybersportsmen during the match. Players connect to the game at the same time and participate in tournaments. For example they play World of Tanks poker Counter Strike chess DotA or World of Warcraft.

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Servers of this type are very powerful and can withstand many hours of work. video server It is usd to store video files. For example movies custom footage music videos. A person sends a request from BTC Email List his computer or phone through a website or mobile application. The video is loadd in parts and playd as you watch it. That is the user does not clog the memory in his own devices with large files. The most famous video server in the world is YouTube. LAN Provide users with limitd access to information. For example employees of a company work within a corporate network with an accounting database.

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